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Bawbawon Hospitality Group is an operator of hospitality infrastructures and services like resorts, restaurants and recreational facilities in the Seychelles, United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

Bawbawon Hospitality Group - Intro
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Bawbawon Beach Resort






The Bawbawon Beach Resort is still under construction and we can not offer you accommodation on the island at the moment. In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy the beauty of the island with its splendid beaches, the lavish greenery and the clean water that changes it’s colour from azure to turquoise as you can see in the movie below.
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Manta Ray

Manta Ray has water sport equipment for rent, offers guided tours into the lavish mangrove forest, provides diving training and equipment, organises river trips and offers canoeing drives.


Le Bistro is a unique concept that combines the French flair of a bistro with a selection of renowned and beloved dishes of the Philippines. It offers an à la carte menu with signature dishes and daily specials at moderate price.

Hotel Bijoux

There’s no other place you should be relaxing after a fun-filled day of adventure by the beach.
Wake up in the glorious Hotel Bijoux! 

The newly open hotel is proud to share its locally made and elegant interior furnishing with French inspired accents. 

The first hotel in the region aiming for star rating accreditation by the Department of Tourism (DOT). With the mission to create experiences for tourists, local, regional and international in the small town of Plaridel. It opens new opportunities for the community and later on making its name as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.



She’s your go-to person for anything Plaridelians and her take-charge attitude gets things done.


A a man of the sea, the kind that radiates joy while holding a spear gun and a fish he just caught.

John Mark

The bubbly persona behind the answers to your inquiries and takes on the F&B attendant hat from time to time.


He is responsible for the quality and attention to detail we put in serving our food and beverages.


If you are a fan of Le Bistro’s desserts and pastries, get to know the pâtissier behind our delicious treats.


Our Supply Supervisor engaging and reaching out to our entrepreneurs in the community. 


Meet Jeromme, full time Bawbawon Hospitality Group Accountant, part-time Tiktoker.


Closeted singer, dancer, wannabe island gal and our marketing and communications expert.

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Annavel Therese Magadan

F&B Attendant

Meet Beth, with her contagious laugh and headstrong personality. As an F&B Attendant, she has a way of making you feel looked after and heard.

Born in Plaridel, she’s your go-to person for anything Plaridelians and her take-charge attitude gets things done which compliments the BHG dynamics. She hangs out at the boulevard with the kids often and can’t live without a mobile phone, an eyebrow, and lipstick in her purse.

The purpose of life is to be happy, she would often say, and she lives each day exactly that.

Robert Saceda II

Chief Green Officer

As Bawbawon Hospitality Group takes on its pledge to be in the frontlines of protecting our natural habitat and promoting sustainable ecotourism, Robert Saceda II is our Chief Green Officer.

He is a man of the sea, the kind that radiates joy while holding a spear gun and a fish he just caught. He would tell you stories of the sea, places he’s been to, and the depths he had dived discovering unexplored marine treasures those with love and respect for the ocean can only fathom.

He ensures that the development and operation at the Bawbawon Beach Resort are conducted in a way that protects the environment and believes that advancement and taking care of our natural resources isn’t mutually exclusive.

John Mark Namit

Reservations Assistant

John Mark, or JM to his friends, is our Reservations Assistant handling queries through phone calls and across all our social media accounts.

He is the bubbly persona behind the answers to your inquiries and takes on the F&B Attendant hat from time to time. He loves hanging out with cousins and friends, touring places with a motorbike, and the Christmas Season because people seemed to be more generous and loving.

“Our every weakness”, he believes, “is an opportunity for God to show His strength in our lives”.

Kevin John Tamse


When Juan said he can make you laugh, he’s not kidding. If laughter is indeed the best medicine, he can probably cure anything.

Juan, our giddy Kitchen Staff, is responsible for the quality and attention to detail we put in serving our food and beverages. His jolly personality lifts the mood of the team despite how hectic it can get sometimes and you can always count on him and his jokes.

If he’s not in the kitchen, he’s either watching anime or hanging out with family and friends. His degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management allows him to take on complex tasks for the company and yes, he is our self-proclaimed best employee.

Angelica Albios


Meet Angelica, a Pastry and F&B attendant at Le Bistro. She is from Southern Poblacion, Plaridel, and has a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Jose Rizal Memorial State University.

Angelica formerly worked in a prestigious hotel in Cebu City and ended going back to her hometown in Plaridel because of the pandemic. Lucky us, we now get to enjoy her sweets made in heaven.

If she’s not at the Le Bistro Kitchen baking in the tune of “Who Says” by Selena Gomez, she’s probably off somewhere ticking another place in her travel bucket list.

Raymond Tolop


As Bawbawon Hospitality Group aims to empower local businesses within Plaridel and in Misamis Occidental, Mon has a vital role in engaging and reaching out to our entrepreneurs in the community.

Raymond, or “Mon” to his friends, is our Supply Supervisor handling Operation Supplies for the resort, restaurant, and hotel. His job, more than anything else, is to make sure that we had engaged with local suppliers for operational needs and to encourage more locals to grow crops, sell their catch, or introduce their products so we can use and promote it in the market.

Bringing years of hospitality and supply experience from the Middle East before working for Bawbawon Hospitality Group, he is now back in his hometown to realize our mission in putting Plaridel in the map.

Jeromme Tecson


Jeromme is a full time BHG Accountant and a part-time Tiktoker. When he’s not on Accountant mode at Le Bistro or Bawbawon, he’s most likely playing Mobile Legends or editing videos. His headstrong and endearing nature is an important factor to the team’s success.

Winfel Faith Tabalba

Marketing and communications

Closeted singer, dancer and wannabe island gal, Faith Tabalba is working for Bawbawon Hospitality Group’s Marketing and Communications. Often in the internet and in social groups as the staple of her job, she’s also trying to rally the young and the environment in her spare time. Constantly fleeting, and doing too many things at once— an iced cafe latte at Le Bistro completes her morning.